Recruiting new members is essential to the continued growth and well-being of your council and the Order. Offering a man membership in the Knights of Columbus gives him the opportunity to improve his own life and his community. Membership allows him to experience the fraternal bond that Knights share while growing closer to his family and his faith.

For your council's recruiting efforts to succeed, you need to devise a plan of action and follow through on it. The "Action Steps" will lead you to strategies that your council can implement to execute a successful recruitment campaign and give you a view of the variety of materials available to you.

Use these ideas and materials: to help your recruitment efforts, to keep our Order growing and strong, and to give every qualified man the opportunity to become a Knight of Columbus.


Action Steps

This page is your guide to having a successful recruitment program in your council. You should decide which ones offer the best opportunities for success in your council. These strategies are easy to organize and implement. If you follow all the steps described, you’ll be successful.

Sometimes, the hardest thing about recruiting is taking the first step. Recruiting a new member can be as easy as asking him to join. Amazingly, many individuals haven't joined the Knights simply because they have never been asked to join. When the opportunity arrives, take the initiative and start a conversation with a potential prospect. It’s the first step for recruiting on a one-on-one basis and can yield very positive results. 

Once a conversation begins, be confident that you will be able to answer their questions, no matter what direction the conversation will go. The Knights of Columbus, through its many programs and activities, assists individuals in so many ways that there is sure to be something that will appeal to anyone who wants to help his community, Church, or family

Remember, there are a lot of qualified Catholic men just wanting to be asked to join. Now is the time to take your first steps toward offering these men membership in the Knights of Columbus.

Here are three ways to share the K of C brand and attract new members:


1. Engage. Whenever a Knights of Columbus post pops up in your social media feed, give it a “like,” comment, share or retweet. The more you engage with Knights content, the more your friends will see that content. And the more likely they will be to join.


2. Direct message. Take advantage of direct messaging, text and email. When you discover a video, post or article that you know a friend will enjoy, send it directly to him.


3. Include a call to action. When posting online or emailing someone about the Knights, always include a link to

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