In order to jump start your council’s activities each Fraternal Year, we are providing these electronic resources to help you succeed in the areas of programming and membership recruitment. These materials should be reviewed by all council officers and committee chairmen.

The Faith in Action Guidebook (#10590) contains information on each of the four program categories as well as important information on the all Supreme Council-recommended programs.

The Grand Knight’s Guide (#5085) is designed to help you be an effective Grand Knight by defining 10 high level keys to success. This guide should be used in conjunction with The Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318) and the Knights of Columbus Leadership Resources (#5093) booklet.

The Method of Conducting Council Meetings (#10318) includes guidelines for the Grand Knight on conducting meetings in a professional and efficient manner. Parliamentary procedures as well as a full glossary of parliamentary terms are included.

Knights of Columbus Leadership Resources (#5093) is designed to offer District Deputies, Grand Knights and Financial Secretaries practical information in the exercise of their duties and responsibilities. In particular, the Financial Secretary is encouraged to become familiar with the entire publication as information is provided on the Member Management and Member Billing Applications, membership transactions, and record retention to name a few topics.

Council and assembly officers with access to Officers Online should log on to browse and order supply and print materials by clicking on the Supplies Online icon. Promotional and gift items can be ordered via Knights Gear by clicking on the Knights Gear icon.

Charter, Constitution, and Laws (#30) are the official laws of the Order which govern the Supreme, State and Subordinate Councils. Further clarifications on certain sections are available on the Officers’ Desk Reference in Officers Online or by contacting the Legal Department.

The webpage www.kofc.org/forms contains all the reporting forms that a council needs to run smoothly. In the upper right-hand corner of the page you can find links to the subpages containing forms for Assemblies, Circles, States and Districts, as well as Financial Secretary Appointments and Patriotic Degree Materials.

The Protocol Handbook (#1612) contains guidelines on proper conduct and procedures for a variety of situations, including council meetings, the relationship of the district deputy to the grand knight, and a state deputy visit.

The Duties and Responsibilities of Council Officers and Directors (#4241) provides a brief description of the duties of council officers and directors and a short explanation of your jewel of office.

The Council Growth & Retention Guidelines booklet (#10506) is intended to be a comprehensive guide containing all the information that you may need for New Council Development, College Councils, Council Roundtables, as well as Council Reactivation and Retention. Please note that this booklet completely replaces the older New Council Development Guidelines (#2119) and Parish Round Table Guidelines (#2632).

The Membership Recruitment and Retention Manual (#10237) will assist your council in implementing a successful membership program to attract members to our Order and to engage them in charitable activities.

The Fraternal Leader Success Planner (#5033) should be used by each fraternal leader to plan ahead, allowing you to keep track of council programs, events, membership drives, and degree exemplifications. The planner is also a tool to measure your council’s success.

The Certificates Flyer (#2640) lists information on all the certificates currently offered by the Supreme Council office.

The Chaplain’s Handbook (#945) covers the relationship of the chaplain to the council, information on the Order, and a brief history of the Order’s founder, Father Michael J. McGivney.

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